Protein Perfected

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Cenergy's Andro Pro Blend™ is a specific blend of 5 high quality (high BV) natural proteins from Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Potassium Caseinate, Buckwheat and Egg Albumin providing an "extended release" protein profile. The different absorption rates for the proteins allow for a more extended "feeding time" and a more complete amino acid pool for the working muscles. Andro Pro Blend™ contains a full spectrum vitamin mineral blend to aid in muscle nourishment as well as a digestive enzyme complete to ensure maximum digestion and alleviate bloating, commonly associated with protein. Andro Pro Blend™ is high in branch chain amino acids and glutamine to increase recovery. Enhanced with DigestiPRO, a unique additive that assist in the efficient utilization of Protein intake.


Nitric Oxide and pump inducer. (more)

The Perfect Meal Replacement  for healthy living.


Natural Testosterone booster. (more)
Weight Management Workout Recovery Build Mass
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