Advanced Weight Loss

MetaBolic Xtreme™ is designed to help you burn excess fat tighten up your trouble spots, suppress your appetite and give you the energy you need to get lean and preserve muscle mass. Food cravings will not seem so intense and the desire to eat or binge on fat promoting foods will seem to disappear. MetaBolic Xtreme™ will create a lifestyle easier than you ever dreamed possible. MetaBolic Xtreme™ utilizes the latest technology and advancement in weight loss technology.  Increases metabolic rate and energy levels.  Also controls appetite urges, promoting weight loss while sparing muscle.

Suggested Use:
Take 2-4 capsules daily
~For best results remember to drink at least 64oz of water daily (8 glasses).

Metabolic Xtreme™
The latest technology in weight loss technology. (more)
Our pre-workout prodigy- get an extra pump for your workout! (more)
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