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About Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.:

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (CEN) is a publicly traded company engaged in business acceleration, business management, and proprietary marketing strategies to major international corporations engaged in a variety of industries. CEN manages the marketing and distribution of exclusive products and services globally, while involved either directly or indirectly in the manufacturing process, and ownership of these products.

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. is ideally positioned to develop partnerships that elevate not only our own product lines but our clients’ visibility, establish instant credibility and ensure success. Our experience in negotiation and understanding of the marketplace enables us to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships. The goals of the companies are consistent: to raise product and brand awareness and establish their product as something that is accepted by the marketplace.

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Action Stock Transfer Corp.
7069 S. Highland Dr., Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Office - (801) 274-1088
Fax    - (801) 274-1099
E-mail - justblank2000@yahoo.com

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