NEWS: Creative Edge Nutrition Announce Updates On the Sale of Its Subsidiary, Giddy Up Energy Products


Business Summary: Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. is launching perhaps, the most sweeping change in a $110 billion nutritional supplement industry under the brand name CENERGY.  With a core line of a dozen formulations strategically segmented in each category ranging from energy boosters to innovative protein products to proprietary ingredients for muscle development.  Our goal at CENERGY is to provide a high quality lifestyle, valued price nutritional products, supplements and energy drinks that are results driven. Customer satisfaction is our main focus, guaranteed.
CENERGY is an innovative bioscience holding company engaged in the development of targeted nutritional products specifically designed for advanced cellular absorption. The Company develops, manufactures, markets, distributes, brands and private labels high quality health supplements, energy & fitness products and nutritionally enhanced bottled water products for the United States and International markets.
Consumer Problems: CENERGY realizes that consumers are concerned about the safety of health supplements due to past incidents of harmful side effects and contamination.  Product recalls and unexpected fatalities have affected the reputation of the supplement industry.  CENERGY will extensively review third-party and private-label products to ensure ingredient safety, purity, and efficacy. Companies may also require suppliers to provide a "certificate of analysis" to verify potency and accurate labeling.
Customers: The products are grouped into four primary categories: weight management, target specific nutrition, energy, performance and fitness and Outer Nutrition. Our products are often sold in programs, which are comprised of a series of related products designed to simplify weight management and nutrition for our consumers.  Men, women and children and weight-management individuals looking to enhance their overall well-being will benefit from our nutritional supplements and products.
Business Model: Introducing a nutritional/supplement company committed to helping individuals improve their quality of lives by improving their physiology and health. CENERGY`S nutrition products have been scientifically formulated to enhance optimum performance that focuses on overall nutrition, promoting a healthier lifestyle and well being. We believe that we will successfully compete with other nutritional supplement companies because of our superior customer service, competitive pricing, sales and marketing stability/support and the unsurpassed quality of our product lines.
Competition: The market for the sale of nutritional supplements is highly fragmented and competitive. We believe that competition is based principally upon product pricing, the quality and efficacy of said products, customer service, the brand name with targeted marketing support, and new product innovations.
Competitive Advantage:  Health supplement retailers rely on new products to generate customer excitement and drive sales. CENERGY will offer product innovation, effective merchandising and competitive pricing. The company`s main focus is providing superior customer service, offering unique products serving both national and international markets. Superior customer service will develop a loyal brand following. Our sales associates within our distribution channels will be well  educated  to recommend the best of health and nutritional supplements.

Company Summary: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.  (CENERGY)  is a nutrition company engaged in the development of nutraceuticals. CENERGY offers a wide range of capsules, tablets and powders, as well as science based products in three principal categories; weight management, nutrition challenges, energy and fitness.  The Company’s objective is to successfully market, distribute nutritional products and continue to develop innovative supplements.

“CENERGY” is broad based in its focus on mass-market and wholesale distribution.  We will continue to introduce new products and foundations in a demanding market and grow aggressively through new markets and territories.” Stated Paul R. Thomas Sr. Vice President of Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.”